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BDH Concrete Products is a proud distributor of Metzger McGuire products. Metzger/McGuire has been the leader in industrial floor joint protection systems for more than 40 years with their Heavy Duty Epoxy Joint Filler MM-80 and Spal-Pro Series of Rapid Set Polyurea Joint Fillers.  From demanding high traffic distribution centers to moderate duty commercial and retail buildings, their  rapid setting, low odor repair products ensure lasting repair solutions with minimal interference to the work environment.  BDH Concrete Products carry a full line of Metzger/McGuire  repair products and accessories including Rapid Refloor and Spal-Pro floor joint materials, as well as Armor-Hard and MM 80. These polymer fillers are designed for use on industrial or retail concrete floors to repair cracks, surface spalls and pop-outs, as well as other defects that happen over time on concrete surfaces.

Crack Repair

Surface Spall/Defect Repairs


Crack Repair Surface Spall/Defect Repairs Joints